Fintech Cooperative Ecosystem

Guerilla Fintech

Decentralised Autonomous Cooperative striving for collaborative financial technologies that builds p2p infraestructure to compost the old system and to spread seeds for a new flourishing sustainable economy.

Ama-gi Token

Ama-gi Token

Members can participate in the global cooperative ecosystem through token shares doing freelance work, taking responsibilities or contributing capital. Ama-gi Token fractions (Income Smart Contract) coming soon...

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Hardware and software infraestructures for platform-agnostic nodes that acts as social connection between global internet of value and collaborative local economy and social movements, using tools in the best common interest for autonomy without any corporate afiliation.


ICT section for facilitating resilient digital communication infrastructures that are censorship-resistant and open access. Its fields of work are mesh networking, community internet access, distributed social media and privacy services.


Open-source smart phones and devices without privacy invasive apps and firmware analytics as a means for safe communication and transfers. A clean end-point device is a key part for the interaction with the network with privacy and data sovereignty.

Ecophone Bazar


Facilitation, design and installation of Blockchain solutions for crowdfunding and development of local permacultural and eco-industrial infraestructures that aim at building strong foundations for sustainable new economic growth, contributing to local development and new commons.