Ecosystem for Cooperative Financial Technologies

Guerilla Fintech

Commons-Oriented Distributed Cooperative Organization -DisCO- for Financial Technologies and Open Digital Infrastructures that aims to compost the old system for a new flourishing sustainable economy

Open Value Network

Open Value Network -OVN-

The DisCO holacratic governance model rewards every contributor to value creation in proportion to his/her contribution in labour time and carework. Active affiliates who are involved in value co-creation are not exchanging their labor for wages, they are in fact accumulating equity in form of mutual credit tokens.

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Smart Social Contracts


Building a global collaborative network of platform-agnostic local nodes as a connection with social movements, ethical business and cooperatives.


Facilitating resilient digital communication infrastructures. Mesh networking, community internet access and privacy services.


Offering a marketplace of Open-source smart phones and devices without privacy invasive apps, trackers and analytics as a means for safe communications and transfers. Interact with the network with privacy and data sovereignty.

Ecophone Bazar


Providing channels for capital flow to circular economy and settlement in tokenized mutualist equities and shares of local permacultural and eco-industrial infrastructures. A participatory budgeting crowdinvesting platform that aim at building strong foundations for sustainable new economic growth and new commons. (coming soon)